Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the sherrifmuir inn

Before Christmas, we went for dinner with my friend Michelle and her partner Rob. We are still finding our way restaurant-wise and Michelle suggested the Sherrifmuir Inn. I had heard the Inn mentioned as a good place to go and so it proved - tucked up in the wee hamlet of Sheriffmuir is a fantastic pub/restaurant that does really excellent food with a great ambience.

I like places where you get good food but in relaxed surroundings and that is what we got. The woman who runs the place - I didn't catch her name - was cheery and welcoming and even when we were the last table left she didn't rush us out the door.

The first course was garlic bread - but not as you would normally recognise it. Two thick slices of good bread were served with a tomatoe salad and a whole roasted bulb of garlic. The top was sliced off and to eat you squeezed out the soft roasted garlic and then spread it on your bread. The roasting had essentially turned each clove into a wee soft nub of garlic spread. Delicious. Rob had the garlic mushrooms - mushrooms grilled and popped on a kebab skewer and dressed with garlic - they looked amazing.

For our mains we had fish and chips. I have never liked mushy peas and usually ask for the peas to be left off the plate. I forgot this time and had a wee panic when I saw them on the plate. However, I am so glad I tasted them. These were not mashed beyond recognition peas that had been canned or frozen. The fresh green taste was like a wee mouthful of spring and cut nicely across the batter of the fish.

After such amazing food, I couldn't manage a whole pudding to myself and so shared a sticky toffee pudding with Michelle. It was truly yummy - hot, sweet and dripping in sauce. The coffees were also excellent - often it is the coffee that will tip me from pleseantly satisfied into heartburn territory as it is so often badly served, but this coffee topped off the meal to perfection. Strong but not 'burnt' it is clear whoever is working the espresso knows what they are doing.

The bill was £25 a head - which given the three courses, standard of food and the bottle of wine we had was an excellent price. We will definitely be going back.

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