Sunday, 13 June 2010

site visit - hard hats and bright yellow jackets!

Yes, the jackets are so bright the flash goes a bit crazy...

We had a good meeting with the architects (Bobby and Ally) doing the conversion to finalise our floor plans this weekend and we got to have a site visit.

We haven't made major changes to the plans but we have changed where a bedroom door is, decided where to place the utility and WC on the 1st floor and agreed how we want the stairs to be. Although we weren't moving entire walls we have come to realise how important even small changes can be. The plans there are now for the stairs have solved a couple of concerns we had on the 1st floor around layout and we can imagine a much more flexible space.

The front door...

But - the site visit! This in many ways is the most exciting bit - getting to see your house progress. The last time we saw the site the church was really in darkness as all the windows were boarded up and the church was just a stone shell. The drains and concrete floor are now in and the timber framing is going up - in the back house first so ours hasn't started yet but it gave us an idea of how it will look. We could also see where the party wall will be which gave us a much better sense of the space.

This pic shows the front door and the Bed 1 and Bed 2 windows.

On Saturday Bobby took us round and explained the insultation he is using, how the timber frame is constructed and the plans for ensuring the beautiful church windows are fully incorporated into our house.

It was much lighter inside this time and so we could really get a better look at our space. On the plans you begin to think the space is small - but putting people inside up against the trusses and arches and you get a real sense of the house. And the double height space is going to be amazing.

Bobby also showed us one of the church hall houses which is about a month ahead - they have their plasterboard going up. This also meant we could see how the walls can house built in cisterns and the wee inset shelves I would like to have in the bathroom.

We also took a look at the garden space. Last time we thought it was pretty tiny and woudl probably only take a wee set of 2 seats and a small table - but seeing it now it looks much bigger - definitely room for some large troughs of herbs and flowers and some decent garden furniture. We will be going for slabs though - we are learning in our current place that we like sitting in the garden but not so much the gardening itself - time poor and not especially green fingered - so a patio style garden is probably best for us.

We came away with a much better visual for how the house will develop and the spaces we have for the rooms. In about 3 weeks time our partitions go up - so we will be back to see the plans become actual walls and rooms.

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