Friday, 3 September 2010

selkin' about

I haven't blogged for a while as life has been a bit frantic recently but I have to share the fantastic birthday present I got from Andy this year.

I really feel the cold - I have Raynaud's - and spent last winter in various levels of pain and numbness induced by the cold weather and our single glazing rented accommodation. My fingerless mitts were worn out - I pretty much wore them most of the time - even when trying to make the dinner.

A couple of years ago Andy discovered Lippi Selk Bags - a sleeping bag with arms and legs and a hood - that you can wear I guess a bit like a romper suit. I loved the idea but I guess it seemed a bit of a mad thing to buy.

Well, this year when Andy gave me my pressie I couldn't believe it - I could tell the minute I read my card - the cryptic message was all about Andy's duties to make me cups of tea and making sure I am kept toasty - and I just knew. A Leppi Selk Bag!!!

Andy knows just how much I suffer in the cold weather and while not everyone may see the romance in it I have to say sometimes the most thoughtful pressies are not the usual suspects.

It is the warmest thing ever - and it has reinforced feet so I can walk about in the garden. It might sound crazy but even in the coldest darkest depths of winter I like to sit outside with a cuppa. With my selky I will be able to do just that and be warm and cosy and not have blue fingers and nose. I almost can't wait for the cold weather...

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