Monday, 11 October 2010

the waterhouse

On our holiday this year we stayed at an eco lodge called the waterhouse - although it is 'eco' it is very comfortable and well appointed - I am all for saving the world but would prefer to do it with running hot water!

The waterhouse has one double bedroom, a bunk room with two bunks, a bathroom with waterfall shower and kitchen/dining/lounge area. It is a small building but just right for two. Often when we try and find self catering accommodation it tends to be big in size and you feel like you are rattling around in it - not to mention paying for space you won't use. It is good to find somewhere that caters for couples.

The waterhouse is owned by Martin and Sharon who bought the land about 15 years ago, renovated their own house, developed the gardens and then built the waterhouse. The gardens are really magical with ponds, arbours and a summerhouse. The design although carefully planned does not look planned - but very natural. It is very private and you feel very much closed away from the outside world.

Martin looks after the gardens and waterhouse and Sharon is an additional support for learning teacher at the local school. Martin will also cook dinner for you and we did this on the Tuesday night - his cooking is very tasty and we had baked onions with feta cheese and pine nuts, beef in red wine and fruit kebabs and ice cream. It was really good and it is always nice to be cooked for.

The waterhouse has a hot tub on the decking area and this is a real added bonus to the place. Even if it is cold outside you can be toasty warm and enjoy the outdoors and we enjoyed having a wee drink, watching the sun go down and gazing at the stars in the evening. A really good way to end your day of walks and sight seeing.

Andy eating his lunch

And me making it!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would definitely go back.


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