Wednesday, 9 February 2011


We have never had to buy carpets - our old house had original wood floors so the only flooring we have ever had to decide upon was the wee bit of floor in our bathroom and kitchen. So we have had to enter the world of carpets - which to a newby is quite bewildering.

We went to Sterling Furniture Warehouse in Tillicoultry - on recommendation from friends and the people doing our house. And thankfully when we arrived we found a guy who could explain all the different types of carpets. He was good because he didn't steer us towards the most expensive and try and get us to shell out wads of cash but also didn't just abandon us because we probably wouldn't be after hand-woven-by-maidens floor coverings. He picked up that that given we will be outlaying for a whole house at once we wanted good quality and nice but not to the point where we will be gazing at our amazing carpet from makeshift furniture made out of cardboard boxes while eating beans on toast. We also want it to work with the building - a church conversion.

We learned about the different wool mixes and types of carpets - what carpets are a pain to hoover [important for us - safe to say hoovering isn't a hobby of ours] and what carpet is better for hardwearing areas and what is better for looking smart and posh.

Being colour blind is always a challenge so I have to rely on Andy making sure that what we pick matches our planned interiors but also that it looks okay to my eyes as well as to everyone elses.

We like simple modern interiors but with splashes of strong colours. All the walls will be paint - no wallpaper - and will be in very neutral colours except perhaps for a feature wall or two. The 1st floor will be wood - maple - and any other flooring will be pattern free - so we reckoned we could go for something a bit stronger in colour for the carpets.

So it looks like olive green for the guest bedroom, aubergine for our bedroom, a grey that apparently has purples through it that I can't see and blueberry for the mezzanine! Here are close ups of the samples -

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