Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today I had a rare day off and decided after weeks stuck in offices, trains and conference rooms in hotels across the UK some fresh air was needed. So I set off for a short-ish [5 miles] walk up through the back of the university and through Mine Woods.

On the way I enjoyed the views of a rather misty and atmospheric Stirling.

I also said hello to the horses at the riding school.

Walking through Mine Woods I spotted a rock with three abandoned mittens - each one different so no pair - three lost gloves looking a bit soggy and sad!

I then popped into Clive's for a bowl of broccoli soup - which was lovely and warming and indulgent. It wasn't thick and gloopy [I like chunky soup but not soup that is like a paste] but managed to have a robust cheesey flavour alongside the veggies.

It was good to just have a few hours away from work and the demands of email and phone. It gives you a bit of perspective and refreshes you. Now that the weather is getting better I am looking forward to getting back into my routine of a Friday walk and exercising a bit more.

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