Sunday, 15 May 2011

the project - the kitchen goes in !

And the big moment is here! Our kitchen is now being put in and while there are still a couple of bits and pieces to finish the bulk of it is there. The kitchen has been over a year in planning and while I love all of our house the kitchen has always been the bit I have looked forward to most.

The back wall of cabinets are black gloss [the wrap is still on to protect it while the house is finished] with a vanilla worktop and cabinet doors. I did worry about whether the black gloss would be over powering but seeing it in has put my mind at rest - the height and light of the space needs something other than the vanilla and I am happy it works well.

The surface space is really good - it will be so much easier to have more than a foot of space like we did in our old flat! The template for the indiction hob and hood are done too.

And our brand new shiny sink -

The bit I have been waiting for though, of course, is the Magic Larder - no picture can do it justice and just now the shelves are tied up but here is the first pics. I am in storage heaven...

So there are still bits and pieces to be done but it is great to see such a big step forward - it makes it all the more real and closer to moving in.

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Angela said...

I am very happy to see you are at last getting a really nice home with more space and storage.
John told me you now live in good old Stirling. I was friends many years ago with Maria Corrieri, daughter of the then owners of Corrieri's Cafe near the monument.
May you both be blessed there.
Aunt Angela/Jean in WV, USA.