Saturday, 26 April 2008

Chorizo Stew

I was visiting my sister a few weekends ago and she made this for our dinner. It is a great dish because it is a one pot meal, you can increase the quantities easily if you are feeding a lot of people, it isn't very expensive, and you can make enough to do two nights - it seems to get better overnight being left to marinate in its own juices.

The ingredients are:

New/baby potatoes (small bag)
Chorizo (I just judged at the deli how much I needed)
Onion (two)
Tinned tomatoes (chopped) (three)
Tomatoe puree (half a tube)
Paprika (one teaspoonful)
Chilli (half a teaspoonful)
Garlic (haf a bulb)
Basil (I had a handful left over from another recipe so chopped it and added that too)
Slug of olive oil

I par-boiled the potatoes and while they were cooking bashed up some garlic, finely chopped the onions and chunky chopped the chorizo. I drained the potatoes and then just used the same pot to saute the onions and garlic in some olive oil until the onions were soft. I kept some of the potatoe water in case the sauce got too thick later on but I found I didn't need it. Then I added the tins of tomatoes, basil and spices. I brought that to a simmer and added the chorizo and the potatoes. Covered and simmered for about two hours - although one would do. I added some tomatoe puree at the end to thicken the sauce.

My sister also added chick peas, fried bacon and fried the chorizo before adding it. I didn't have any chickpeas so just upped the potatoes and we had had a bacon buttie for breakfast so figured we didn't want more bacon in our dinner. It made a great Sunday dinner with some homemade bread and there was enough for dinner on Monday night. The chorizo gives it such a lovely smoky taste and the potatoes when cut were fresh and white against the tomatoe-y sauce.

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