Monday, 22 December 2008

Iris - restaurant review!

Me and my pal Mac went to Iris in Thistle Street, Edinburgh and it was really good. He has already posted about it so I feel bad I haven't caught up yet. We sat on the table in the window on the left.

Iris is new and trendy and we had the whole place to ourselves to begin with - well, it was monday night at 6.30pm. The owner was very friendly though and attentive - and so it didn't feel like we were standing out like a sore thumb.

I had prawns in coriander and garlic and it was amazing. The only downside was that really a chunk of fresh bread would have been excellent to dip in the dressing as it was taste bud tingling good but prawns don't really soak it up. I then had the most succulent and meaty monkfish cooked in red wine. Monkfish to me is the lighter version of steak.It is meaty and requires use of the gnashers but it doesn't make you feel heavy in the stomach and you can be smug that you are eating healthy fish!

Mac had a goat's cheese bruchette to start followed by duck and, because being Scottish no meal no matter how smart is complete without some, chips! Well, posh garlic french fries that I have to say were the best I have ever tasted and I thought Mac was going to keel over with fried carb joy.

One tasty item not on the menu was the rather dashing owner/head waiter type who Mac certainly had his eye on for dessert...

So I would definitely go back to Iris - and really enjoyed my meal and catching up with Mac who is one of my favourite people to go to dinner with.

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