Thursday, 26 February 2009

No 24 hour room service?!?!

I haven't had a huge amount of time to blog lately as I have been buzzing round Scotland for work. So not much cooking going on! But I have become very attuned to eating on the road - and trying to do so healthily. Not easy. But what I have discovered are two shops that ease the pain - Boots and M&S.

I love M&S anyway - it is pretty much how I survive living between two houses. There is an M&S at Edinburgh Waverley and one at Glasgow Central - so easy to access. And teh food is yummy yummy for convenience and it tends to be more health focused too. Particularly like the 'count on us' range and I often buy the stir fry ready-prepared veggies and some prawns for tea. And for lunch on the move their sushi and beef rolls are filling, healthy and low in fat etc so not as stomach bloating as always eating sandwiches. Very different to my approach to food in Dundee!

In fact, I would love to learn how to make sushi and make up my own fillings.

Boots is also good as it does a healthy range too and it does really tasty thai chilli crunchies from their shapers range for a wee treat.

Of course, I have to eat in hotels some nights and as I am often arriving late room service is important when you have been dashing about all day. And last night I stayed at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness - which advertised 24 hour room service. So I got in at about 11pm, unpacked and put teh kettel on, picked a tasty sounding tuna and red onion pannini from the menu and phoned reception. And promptly got told there was no 24 hour room service and the kitchen staff had all gone home!

I wasn't very happy - nothing worse than being hungry, thinking you can get food and then being told you can't. The emergency Toffee Crisp I had in my handbag kept me going but wasn't really what I was after. And when you are trying to maintain some kind of order to your eating chocolate for supper isn't ever very good.

And these days I feel it is really important that I eat regularly and properly. I can't run on empty the way I used too, and it isn't good for you, plus I find if I don't get a balanced diet I get my chronic fatigue symptoms back and feel out of sorts.

This means I am always looking out for ways to eat when out and about - in fact, my wee notebook I take everywhere with me has started to resemble a geographical study in where I can find and M&S to where I have meetings and regular trips!

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