Sunday, 18 April 2010

dressing for work

I have a hard time figuring out what you should wear to work. I work for a charity - so it isn't suited and booted all the time. But I am a manager and often doing events - so I want to look smart and professional. Being female I am really conscious of appropriate work wear that isn't a boxy suit but also isn't so girly that people make judgements [not that they should cause that would be sexist but the world ain't perfect yet]. Also - I can look young for my age. I am 31 but frequently get asked for id when buying that cheeky bottle of red from M&S on the way home from work on a Friday night and also get charged a half on the bus on occasion. This boosts the ego no end but isn't great when you are trying to convince the government to do what you think they should be doing.

I also commute and work on the west coast - so weather and being comfortable are also issues. And, finally, I want to wear clothes that I like and feel like 'me'!

I don't work in academia but I really like a site called academic chic as it tackles a lot of the same problems I find myself faced with.Its an american site but the tips translate even if the shops aren't over here ye - although with Cos and J Crew opening branches over here soon it should become less of a problem. They also blog on commuter tips and other fashion challenges women in the workplace have. Being young women working in the traditionally male and stuffy environment of the university or college campus must be something of a challenge and a lot of what they blog about resonates with my own concerns.

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