Sunday, 18 April 2010

A New Home...sometime in 2011!

We have been looking for a new house to move to and last week took a big decision - to go for an off-plan church conversion in Bridge of Allan by Crammond Select Homes. So the next few weeks will be a flurry of legal papers, getting the flat on the market and keeping our fingers crossed that it will all work out. Buying off plan is worrying - because you can't see what you will get - and exctiting because we get to have a big input into the layout and interior decoration of the property. For us, the excitment makes the worry worth it - it may be strange, but the chance to map out exactly where you want your power sockets to be is to my mind a wee slice of heaven. All of this means the move date is likely to be between Christmas and March 2011 - so lots of time to search out that perfect tile or paint colour...

However, this - coupled with the lack of a decent oven in our current rented place - means my updates are likely to focus more on home stuff rather than food in the next wee while. But you can bet that the design of the kitchen will feature heavily and that post-move there will be plenty of culinary experiments on the go.

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