Friday, 9 July 2010


We won't have a huge garden in the new place, but it will be big enough for what we need - namely a place to sit and savour a gin and tonic after work! It does mean that for the first time we will need to consider garden furniture. I have no idea what we should go for - traditional because it is a church? Ultra modern to juxtapose with the history of the building?

As I haven't a clue yet, I think I will just collect up stuff I see that I like then figure the details out later.

I do like furniture that has a bit of humour to it so I appreciated the Big Scrubber garden stool that Ben Baker designed - and you can get it from Hen and Hammock

I also like a rocking chair - lovely for whiling away the time reading a book and chilling out. The Rhode Island rocker from The Contemporary Home takes the rocking chair and makes it a bit more modern.

Of course, a hammock would be excellent - snoozing on a Sunday afternoon in the garden is a favourite pastime in between reading the Sunday papers and snacking on bacon sandwiches. There is a lovely one from Living it Up but I can't get the pic to show up here so you will need to click through instead.

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