Sunday, 11 July 2010


I haven't blogged for a while mainly because we have been caught up in sorting out the old place and also I have been away with work a fair bit. But now we have the floor plans away and the paperwork sorted I am starting to think more about the interior. One issue I am keen to get right is the lighting. We prefer minimalist wall coverings - paint not wallpaper and pattern isn't something we go in for - so the lighting is a way to express more of a design element.

With a double height space in the kitchen/dining/lounge area I have been looking for some statement pendants that will really set off the kitchen and the airiness (is that even a word?) of the open plan 1st floor. I also want something that is modern in its aesthetic but fits in with the history of the building as a working public space.

I have discovered a company based in London called Skinflint Design who do reclaimed lights mainly from industry. They have revamped M.O.D. lights tank signal lights which I think look great - chunky and sturdy - and although they come from tanks they remind me of marine-esque fittings on submarines and working ships.

I love this unique wee lamp too - it is a 1930s GEC lamp and I think would be cool in the mezzanine. I like the large face of the lamp.

I have also been browsing the Glasgow Architectural Salvage website - they have some amazing lights salvaged from the Glasgow synagogue - which would make an interesting choice for what was once a Free Church. But they are huge and not really the right style for our place.

Half the fun though is in the search - and finding out what you like and dislike - and even if you like it whether or not it is right for the style of place you have.

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John said...

I just love these lights - so retro! They would look great in your new home. Mum says you will also need an air raid warning klaxon as an "alternative dinner gong" to summon Andy for his meals when he's on the XBox!!!