Tuesday, 3 August 2010

the project - timber going in

We have had two site visits recently - the timber frame of the first floor has gone in so we can really get a sense of the bedroom spaces. It is weird because you can see through all the walls but good because you get a 3d visual of the space - which makes it easier to imagine actually living there. The rooms are a good size as is the downstairs bathroom so that helps settle our minds a bit about having enough space.

The second visit saw the first floor down so we could stand at first floor level. This meant we could see better what is going to happen with the windows and the large church ceiling beams. The windows will be stepped - this ensures the full window is maintained in the bedrooms.

On the kitchen end of the 1st floor this stepped bit of floor will be below units and at the dining end will be visible. Given where this will be occuring plus the position of the beams, we have decided to forgo the kitchen island and its back to the drawing board for the kitchen.

However, Ally, one of the architects, came up with an excellent idea which is to raise the dining area up two steps. This makes the division of space in the 1st floor clearer plus as the floor is then raised the stairs to the mezzanine can be rejigged to take up less space. This gives me more room for the dining table.

The new plans

The thought at the moment is to have a big chunky wood table with one side normal chairs and the wall side seating to be a pew reclaimed from the church.

So its all go - with a lot to think about and make decisions on. But it is great to see the timber framing go in and see progress happening. No doubt like everyone else we are just itching to see it finished and move in.

Andy getting the tape measure out!

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