Friday, 9 January 2009


Andy and I had a 'coming to the end of the hols' day today. We got up late, watched a movie mid-morning - then decided to head down the Perth Road and find some lunch. We went to Drouthy Neebors which I haven't bee in since I was a student. The place has had a revamp since those days but in a sympathetic way and is like a proper pub - not a carbon copy chain pub. And the food was excellent. I had roast tomatoe, red onion and gruyere cheese macaroni with chips and salad and I have to say it was the best macaroni I have tasted for a long time. The sauce was cheesey but not stodgy, they used proper macaroni and the chips were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Even the side salad was something you wanted to eat. And had a spiced lamb burger with coriander and a beetroot relish which looked amazing and from the satisfied look on his face hit the spot. And he is a picky one for his pub grub.

So will definitely be back and will be checking out their live music too (jazz 6-8pm on a Sunday sounds rather good to me).

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