Monday, 5 January 2009


I love spuds!

The humble tattie

I think they are often seen as that bit of dinner that fills you up when really they should be the star turn on occasion. Here is a website I found that celebrates the spud

My favourite ways to have spuds include:

roasties (done in goose fat or olive oil)
mashed (Andy does them with creme fraiche that is well yummy)
baby new pots boiled and tossed in pesto
as a gratin with parmesan
baked (you can have a variety of fillings, of course, but I like mine just with a good knob of butter and some salt and pepper)
added to soups/stews a la recipes like turlu turlu
cut into wedges, tossed in olive oil and wholegrain mustard and baked
stuffed baked pots (scoop out the fluffy cooked flesh, mash with butter, spring onion and cheese, cram back into the skins and bake)

Also, a little late perhaps seeing as it is already 2009, checkout the Interntaional Year of the Potatoe (2008)

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Chris said...

Hi Jane!

I’m a big fan of roasts as well!

But what to do after the holiday season is over and we’re all feeling a little health conscious?

One thought though – have you considered replacing the goose fat with hemp seed oil, such as Good Oil:

Not only does it have a slightly fresher taste (in my opinion), but it’s also a good healthy alternative to goose fat, dramatically reducing the calorie count in the dish, while not compromising on taste.

I should disclose that GOOD OIL is a client of mine, so feel free to get in touch for more information, I can also send out a sample for you to try if you like.

All the best – Keep up the good work