Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year!

We stayed at Innerhaven for New Year - a fantastic wee place, self catering, that my friend Aneela owns in Innerleithen, home to mountain biking, walking and amazingly beautiful scenery.

It was excellent - a home from home - and unlike many places I have rented in the past it lived up to expectations and then some. Also, cause Aneela is a really good cook and is something of a perfectionist, the kitchen was well kitted out and I cooked several meals there. I did have to make one improvisation which was to use a potatoe masher to whip the cream for the trifle - but then how many people want to make their own trifle on holiday? I imagine I am on my own with that one!

I will post more about the hols cause although not exactly food related food does feature and also I am just so buzzed by the holiday I can't help myself.

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Aneela said...

Just so you know I went out and bought a whisk in case anyone else wants to make a homemade trifle at innerhaven! :-)

Mmmmh, reading your blog is making me hungry!!!

And in case you are wondering, the trifle was yummy and delicious.

Oh and thanks for all the lovely goodies you left behind! We've scoffed them all!