Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday Dinner (1)

Today I kicked off not by stuffing my face full of chocolate but by having a wee morning bike ride - so that when the chocolate eating commences I can feel I have earned it!

This years Easter Sunday Dinner I am trying out roasting a leg of lamb. I am also fusing passover and Easter Sunday traditions by having a starter that uses matzo alongside a tomatoe basil salad and houmous and, if I get the time, boiled egg slices. Not quite a scorched egg but it will do. For pudding I am doing strawberries in balsamic vinegar served with cream fraiche and, because you can't have too much chocolate, a chocolate cake (Granny McCall's recipe) decorated with chocolate buttons.

The chocolate buttons themselves are pretty special as they are chocolate copies of vintage buttons produced by Hotel Chocolat a company that makes gourmet chocolate.

Anyway - I will post up the recipes separately else this will turn into a very long post.

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