Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Day of Healthy Eating

I have been indulging a lot on the food front recently - what with work being so busy and visits to my sister food has been something of a 'reward' mechanism! So with a couple of days off I decided to get myself sorted with some balanced fuel and get back on the straight and narrow food-wise. So today I had a yoghurt for breakfast, crudites and dip and a pear for lunch, and a large baked potatoe with my special tuna recipe. I also had a banana after going to the gym! So I feel extra chuffed with myself. And, apart from that mid-afternoon wobble I always get, when chocolate seems to be crucial to my survival, I haven't felt hungry or craved. I reckon if I can manage to do this over the next few days I will be able to manage my cake and chocolate cravings better next week at work. I like to treat myself on weekends but lately that has crept into the working week - not good! And as it affects my health - and I don't want sore joints and muscles and wierded out skin for spring - I have a powerful incentive! I love my food and baking and cooking make me really happy - but balance is a good thing too.

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