Friday, 3 April 2009

R.I.P Blue Bowl

A while ago I blogged about those special kitchen items that are more than just objects to be used and instead develop a special place in a cooks heart. I have a wee jug that is just perfect for measuring rice, a wooden spoon that is the right size for making one bowl of porridge in a small pot with and I have a battered old tablespoon that I use over my fancy shiny set of measuring spoons for baking.

One item that was very special to me was my lovely wee blue pottery bowl. Well, it is no more. The husband broke it (and he looked a bit scared when he told me) when I was away in Warwick visiting my sister. My blue bowl was great for my cereal or porridge in the morning, for serving my homemade arbroath smokie pate and for a wee bowl of crisps when watching a film.

I have lots of lovely dishes and some a lot more costly than I imagine the wee blue bowl was, but it was very much a favourite. I am sure psychologists would have a field day with how attached I can get to random objects but when I open the cupboard door and see that blue bowl shaped space - well, I guess I will just have to seek out another wee pottery bowl to take its place.

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