Thursday, 9 December 2010

snow again!

And the big freeze continues. I made it into work on Monday but Tuesday and today have been wiped out. My trips to Dundee and London have been cancelled and the team are all working using remote access to our networks from home.

Some of the effects of the snow are amazing - our windows were covered with ice, from the inside, and the icicles hanging from windowsills around the house are the biggest I have seen.

The garden is very snowy - all the trees look like extras from Narnia -

The sky is an amazingly clear blue - when the news have shown satellite pics of Scotland our sky is devoid of clouds - making the air icy and very cold - but also creates spectacularly clear light and skies. Against the white snow it is quite beautiful.

I popped into the garden for five minutes to just take in the snow and sharp air and it really was breathtaking - quite literally - as the cold hits your throat it makes you catch your breath and fingers and nose start tingling pretty much straight away. It is quite something.

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