Sunday, 12 December 2010

vintage luggage

I like to keep 'memories' - it might be ticket stubs to a special concert or event, and extra special birthday card, a postcard, an old photo etc. Some people call it hoarding but I find these little talismans remind you of good things you often forget. And sometimes when you are having a bad day - or you are snowed in and have nothing better to do - it can be lovely taking a wee trip through the good times.

However, at the moment all of these wee things are crammed into shoe boxes and files - not very good for them and also not easy to sift through. So I am on the look out for storage that isn't office styled but is a bit more homey and befits the contents inside. So I am very pleased to find the London Vintage Luggage company based in Camden - nicely placed for the London office, that sells all sorts of leather luggage goods from valises and suitcaes to vanity cases and jewellery boxes. I think that keeping my memories in a 1930's small vintage case or series of ladies leather 1940's folios would be just right and very visually arresting.

Edit: I have also found another place for vintage luggage - Streamline Luggage

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