Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Snow, ice, freezing temperatures. We have had a couple of 'snow days' and have managed to work from home rather than risk the ice rink of the A9 or frozen scotrail system. However, despite the chill, I really can't cope with being cooped up for days on end so I convinced Andy we should go for a walk.

As you can see from Andy's layers - it was parky...

And the Wallace was surrounded in crisp white snow -

We took a stroll round the university campus. Last year the loch froze in January - it has already started freeze well ahead of schedule -

I felt bad for the wee ducks!

And we also spotted icicles -

The first half of the walk was really bitterly cold but once we got going we heated up. Mind you, we were wearing our dive base layers so had a bit of a head start on being toasty....

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