Sunday, 19 July 2009

smart women

It probably isn't something you would pick up in my posts about my favourite cleaning products or my lust for chocolate cake, but I am quite the left wing feminist - and take my feminist politics pretty seriously - but that doesn't mean you can't be light hearted and I have found a company in America called 'smart women' that produces various items, mainly stationary/gift type stuff, that has slogans such as 'smart women get to the point' emblazoned on them.

The website does have a shop but it is for American distribution only. I have found suppliers in the UK though at Tatty Devine (who also do funky jewellery). Waterstones also stock the range in their stores and online - although the online shop isn't great to navigate.

So, if you need some post its and quite like giving people food for thought beyond teh kitchen, then go take a wee look!

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