Monday, 20 July 2009

sunday baking and cooking

Last Sunday I had a bit of a blast on the cooking and baking - I felt like doing a bit of baking and trying something new for Sunday dinner. So, I made some rock buns, some shortbread and tried out a new recipe for scallops and chorizo for our Sunday dinner.

I decided on shortbread as Andy drew my attention to my rather amazing collection of cookie cutters yesterday - by way of demanding they be put in their own box rather than getting tangled up in the kitchen drawer. I hadn't quite realised how many I have myself. So they now have their own home and they are gonna get used today!

I also decided to cook scallops for the first time. I cooked them with chorizo and sweetfire beetroot salad. I don't know what the recipe was but I saw beetroot and scallops on a plate together on a clip of Masterchef I saw the previous week. So I decided to wing it on the details of the actual recipe and devise what I thought would produce what I saw on the tele and see what happens. Having never done scallops I was a wee bit nervous so had a pizza in the freezer in case it all went horribly wrong.

Anyway - as you will see from the links to the dishes, it all went very well and the dish is now part of my repertoire. I do think though that while the quality of the scallops is paramount and goes without saying, the quality of the chorizo matters too - while the chorizo used was pricier than what I usually get at the supermarket it was really worth it and in fact you could use less as a result.

The shortbread was wolfed down at both our workplaces so felt quite happy with that too. It goes without saying that Andy devoured the rock buns. I am not sure what it is about them he likes so much but if that is what keeps him happy who am I to complain!

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