Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fish to love (1)

I like fish but for some reason it seems to take a mental effort to remember that it is such a good thing to eat - despite the many admonishments to eat more of it to make your brain better from dietary advice columnists in the Sunday papers. Then I happened across shelled ready-to-eat prawns in Sainsbury's (Meadowbank, Edinburgh).

Because I live between two flats, managing a healthy diet isn't easy when you can't remember whether the salad you planned to eat on Tuesday night is in the fridge in in Dundee while you are in Edinburgh. So I need food that is quick and easy to assemble, doesn't use too many dishes (hate washing up mid week) and is healthy.

Enter the prawns.

I saw these juicy king prawns and my mouth watered. I popped them in my basket alongside one of those wonderful pre-prepared boxes of stir fry veg and a bottle of sweet thai chillie dip. Five mintes in the wok in soem hot oil, add the dip as a dressing and voila - a healthy stir fry made in one cooking receptical!!!

It may be more Delia-cheat's than Nigella but of you are in a rush and can't be bothered it is definitely better for you than a processes microwave meal. The best bit is mopping up the jiuces with a chunk of bread...mmmm...

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