Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fish to love (2)

I have discovered Monkfish - well, I discovered a few years ago but forgot how good it was an rediscovered it when my husband ordered it in Rogano's in Glasgow. So I decided to have a go myself.

Fish is low in fat and does something to your brain that makes you clever so it is a good way to eat protein and feel saintly. Monkfish is a meaty fish and is quite robust so it will stand up to strong flavours and a bit of knocking about while cooking. My own view is that it is the fish equivalent of chicken.

I have devised two recipes:

Recipe One

Make a paste with chilli, paprika and cumin - add whoelgrain mustard and a teaspoon of oil. Slather on monkfish fillets. Put monkish on tin foil and seal to make a tinfoil packet. Bake in an oven.

Make some rice and while that is cooking stir fry som peppers, mushrooms and stir fry type veggies like beansprouts and pak choi.

On a plate layer the rice, then the veggies, then place the succulent fish on top.

Recipe Two

Chop the monkfish up into 2cm wide cubes/pieces. Mix yoghurt and a curry paste of your choice (Patak's tandoori is good). Marinate the monkfish overnight or, if you are short on time, an hour or so.

Stir fry an oinion then add the marinated fish. Cook for a few minutes then add veggies as per recipe one and prepare rice or noodles. You can add the rice/noodles to teh stir fry and mix it all up and serve in bowls or serve traditional carb layer with well filled with the good stuff.

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