Sunday, 1 June 2008

Good Glasgow Food experience Number One - Sloan's

The day before my graduation Andy and I had the day off so we came through to Glasgow to spend a day browing the delights of Glasgow's shopping.

After an hour or so hitting the shops we were hungry for a spot of lunch and I took Andy to Sloan's in the Argyll Arcade. I had been before with my sisters and Mum - we had the soup and sandwich was very tasty and a good deal on the purse. Sloan's claims to be Glasgow's oldest pub and inside it feels like a proper pub - it doesn't feel like a chain pub, or a gastro pub, and it has a good mix of clientele - a couple of blokes at the bar, Glasgow ladies lunching, a couple of families and a couple of tables of couples. There was music on but it was thankfully at an appropriate sound level.

The menu is pretty good and caters for a variety of tastes but we wanted good old pub grub and plumped for the house burger and chips. It isn't easy to find a good burger and chips these days - a lot of pubs seem to have lost the art and serve up greasy luke warm beef patties. But Sloan's had it right and included gherkins and relish in your bun as well as a proper side salad - one you wanted to actually eat. They also did ginger and lime which to my mind is the mark of a good establishment!

The meal kept us going through an afternoon of energetic window shopping and through to our meal later that night. Definitely one to add to the list of good places to go.

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