Sunday, 1 June 2008

Good Glasgow Food experience Number Two - The Dhabba

While our Sloan's meal kept us going pretty much for the rest of the day, we were ready for our curry at the Dhabba by our 8pm booking. The Dhabba is what I would call a 'proper' indian restaurant in that the food is authentic (north indian) and not compromised in order to suit the sometime undereducated palate of the Brit on the lookout for a carb loaded meal to cushion the night's onslaught of beer.

I had teh Murg Malai Tikka with a Kadai sauce which was so tasty that even though I was full two thirds in I kept eating just to savour the tastebud reaction to chiken marinated in elachi, javitri,ground green chillies folded in a paste of grated Paneer and cream and then Tandoori roasted. Andy had the lamb Dhania Gosht - I am not that into lamb but this was excellent. The lamb was extremely tender and full of flavour. The coriander was perfect with it and not too overpowering. Yum.

We weren't in the mood for alcohol and opted instead for the Mango Lasse which was a great accompaniement. Would definitely recommend the Dhabba to anyone who wants a real north indian cooking experience.

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