Sunday, 1 June 2008

Graduation Lunch

I graduated (MBA) on Saturday 24 May at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. While it was great to finally get that certificate the main point about the graduation was an excuse to get the family together and enjoy a cracking meal. I had heard about but never been to Rogano so I booked a table for lunchtime. There were nine of us, including my wee brother Theo who is 12 who was very impressed with the offer of vanilla and chocolate ice cream for his pudding.

The restaurant is fitted out as a replica of the restaurant on the Queen Mary Cunard liner and has a fantastic 1930's ambience. The bar serves oysters and in the afternoon you can have afternoon tea. We had the lunch menu - you can have two courses for £17.50 or three for £22.50 plus tea/coffee. A pretty good deal for a restaurant with Rogano's reputation. I had a duck pate starter that I shared with Theo as he wanted to try duck for the first time but was worried about ordering something and then not liking it. When I explained I wanted to share the starter the staff were great - I find a good test of customer service is how staff treat any kids in the party and also requests to share a dish/have a small portion. The duck was excellent and Theo enjoyed it.

I had pasta with cauliflower in a cheese sauce for my main and the pasta was cooked just right. Others had the pork and apricot stuffed chicken breast which was described in superlatives and a couple of the boys had the monkfish which I aim to reporoduce at home tonight. It was seared in paprika and other spices and served with baby new potatoes.

For pudding I had a lovely summer berry crumble that was sweet but still held a bite to it and the crumble had just the right amount of crunch to starting-to-soak-up-the-juices texture I like.

The service was impeccable - a further clue to a good restaurant is a) if they provide plenty of bread baskets and b) the ability of waiting staff to appear just as you start thinking you need a refill. On both counts the staff were great. You didn't feel rushed or pestered but when you needed them there was someone at your elbow. Perfect.

I would give them a 9/10!

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