Thursday, 31 July 2008

Other blogs

I have spotted two blogs recently that I liked. The first is one that focuses on three things particularly close to me heart - it is called 'The 3 R's - Reading, Ranting and Recipes'. Lelo's cold chicken pie looks particularly tasty.

The other blog is called 'Portobello Kitchen' and focuses on Tessa cooking from ingredients she gets from the Portobello market which is right on her doorstep. I can't imagine how wonderful it must be to have such a market right there and ready to be explored - I am very jealous! I like the trout and beetroot recipe on the front page at the moment - haven't tried it yet but it looks amazing.

The only thing better than making food yourself is reading about and blogs are a great way to find tips and hints as well as recipes developed by home based foodies that often throw up something new and tasty to try.

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Tessa said...

Hi Jane - thanks for your comments, I'm also a massive fan of wholegrain mustard - am using it in Helen Graves Salad Days #4 from her blog which is another blog I never fail to recommend! Keep up the blogging! Tessa from Portobello Kitchen.