Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I love sausages - with mash, in a roll, with breakfast or in pasta sauces and stews. This meal is one that is tasty and easy to do and also looks impressive.


Good quality sausages, 3 per person (from your butcher or when I am lazy from the Tesco Finest range. I particularly like pork and chilli ones and sometimes I try and get a variety of flavours to give the dish a bit more interest)
Red onions, peppers, portobello mushrooms, baked potatoes - 1 for every two people
Cloves of garlic
Wholegrain mustard

Putting it together

Grill the sausages and then keep them warm in the oven. I don't have a separate grill and oven so this is how I have to do them. I like the skins quite crispy and this also helps with the way it is served later on.

Slice the baked potatoes into wedges and toss in some olive oil and, if you want to add a bit of bite, some wholegrain mustard. Place on a baking tray in a hot oven and roast for 35-40 minutes or until tender on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside.

Slice the red onions into quarters, peppers into large strips and place them on a baking tray with the mushrooms. Drizzle with olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar. Add some garlic cloves to roast too. Place on a baking tray in a hot oven and roast for 20-25 mins or until cooked.

Now, you can just sling this all on a plate and it will taste wonderful and everyone will be happy but if you want to be a bit posh I do the following. Take the sausages and cut lengthways on the diagonal. Set aside. Take the roasted veg out of the oven. Place a mushroom in the middle of each plate and pile on the red peppers. Surround the mushroom with the potatoe wedges and then take the diagonal cut pieces of sausage and layer over the peppers. To finish, place the red onions like a garnish and drizzle over the juices from the baking tray. This makes a posh looking presentation of the food on the plate and despite it taking no time or skill at all will impress your guests!

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