Thursday, 31 July 2008

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More blogs!

My main cooking geographically speaking is either old fashioned Scottish/UK or Italian but I also like exploring what other cultures have to offer. One of my good friends, Kirsten, married a South African guy called Jason (their wee boy Jonas is my godson and he is a right wee cutie). Jason held braai's (BBQs) when they lived in Dundee and so we got to try out some SA style dishes. I have found a blog called Vanielje Kitchen and one called CookSister both of which are about women who come from South Africa and you will find SA recipes there. I will definitely be exploring for some good recipes on their blogs.

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african vanielje said...

Hi Jane, thanks for the mention. I'm glad you've got to try some South African menus. The Cape, where I grew up, had a really diverse set of influences including Malay, Dutch, French, British, Portoguese. This makes cooking great fun and really exciting.