Monday, 22 June 2009

Banana Sandwiches

Banana sandwiches are one of my favourite things. They are great for a quick snack and if you are feeling poorly and they are a good snack on the run too - grab a roll and a banana and you can make a sandwich out the back of your cycle bag. Essentially you just need bread and a banana but when I am making one at home and at my leisure it is made in a particular way.

scottish plain bread
one banana per sandwich - must be yellow with no green or black bits on the skin
brown sugar

take out two slices of bread.
remove the skin from your banana and place in a bowl
mash the banana using a fork
spread the banana evenly over one slice of bread
sprinkle brown sugar over the banana - it will dissolve slightly in the banana mush
top with the second slice of bread and cut in half

Serve with a hot piping cup of tea and a wee square of Fry's Cream to follow. Delicious!

If you are using 'normal' bread I would cut it diagonally so you have two triangles - but with plain bread you cut it into two squares.

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