Thursday, 25 June 2009

Feeling better

So I am starting to feel more back to normal. Very tired but at least my brain feels like the neurons might be firing.

I hate being stuck indoors and so yesterday I risked going up to Balgay Park. It is just up the road so figured if I started feeling unwell I could make it back to the flat. It was a lovely sunny day and just sitting on the bench in the sun for half an hour really boosted my mood.

This image comes from the weblink if you click 'Balgay Park' above and isn't my own photo

While I was there a man sat on the bench and we had a wee chat - just a meandering out-in-the-sun chat and it was really lovely. Usually people who start speaking to you have no idea of boundaries or of being respectful that you might just want to sit in peace, but this guy was really sweet. He had travelled all over the world and he talked about how he goes out for a walk every day, no matter the weather. For someone who is retired and getting on in years I envied his fitness levels! I was tired afterwards and had wobbly legs but it was worth it - and it reminded me that there are good people all around and to not fall into the trap of viewing people you don't know with suspicion. It was a great wee moment to have had and cheered me up a lot.

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