Sunday, 21 June 2009

My sister's wonderful wedding

My wee sister - now Mrs Weir!

Two weeks ago my sister got hitched and she went with an afternoon tea themed reception. During planning, it became clear that the man who runs Blairquan Castle where she was having the reception didn't entirely approve and saw the whole affair as being rather unorthodox. By the end of the tea though he was thoroughly convinced that afternoon tea is a great way to celebrate a wedding - or indeed anything.

I love afternoon tea - I think it does a good job of suiting everyone - with different sandwiches and savoury bites to choose from in quantities that match your appetite and appeal to old and young alike. As for being able to try out several types of cake and sweet treats I much prefer that to agonizing over the pudding trolley.

For Emma, we handmade her invites and place settings with cupcakes fashioned from Laura Ashley patterns and my Mum sources different styles and designs of bunting and cake-stands.

The beautiful cake-stands my Mum found.

My sister Alice and my Mum hard at it pinning bunting to the tables.

My Mum also made the wedding cake - a three tiered stand of vanilla iced cupcakes topped with two pink hearts cut from sugar paste.

Emma's cupcakes awaiting transportation!

The finished wedding cake!

We all went along to the castle the day before to decorate and set everything out and Emma's friends (and my Glasgow flatmate!) Ailie and Alison both came along too to help out.

It was great fun decorating the rooms and it really felt like a true family wedding with everyone doing their bit.

Making the wee pink hearts for the cakes.

More cakes!

On the day Emma looked amazing - her dress was just perfect and she looked beautiful and so grown up which is strange for me as her big sister. Of course, the vows are very important, and the Mass was very moving and my Dad singing the psalm was very special. But, also very important, is feeding all of the guests! And the afternoon tea was just amazing. I have posted previously of Betty's in York and their afternoon tea but I have to say Emma's afternoon tea beat Betty hands down!

After the wedding my Mum asked each of the bridesmaids and Emma's friends to choose a cake-stand and because they were all different designs we each got one that suited our personalities and styles. Mine is a two tier silver art deco-ish stand with glass plates with a star etched in the middle. So now I can't wait to have my own wee afternoon tea!

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