Friday, 26 June 2009

EcoHab - livin' in a round pod!

I have a thing about living in a round house - like a lighthouse - and wish one day to have one. Andy says furniture will be an issue...

Anyway - came across EcoHab which produces round pods that are small but well-designed and are also eco-friendly (and cost effective). Apparently they were shown at the Grand Designs show this year - I must go to that one year - I would spend my whole time gawping in amazement at all the fantastic design.

Anyway - here are some pics - the coverings come in different types and there is a more wood-like one which I prefer but couldn't sort a photo out.

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Aidan said...

Hi Jane-Claire, it's been a while since this blog! Here at EcoHab we've moved on from dome houses to little circular pods everyone can have in their garden as a spare room/ofice/pottery studio/kids den. You name it!
I thought you might like to see how Aidan Quinns design has evolved over the past 12 months and how he's providing mini-pods to the general public of the UK!
Just google "O-POD"
All the best, love the blog, I hope you don't mind me emailing out of the blue but I thought you might be interested!
Gemma :)