Monday, 22 June 2009


The past few weeks have been fun (weddings etc) but also have been difficult cause I have been poorly. I was run down anyway through working a wee bit too hard, then caught my Mum's cold at the wedding and, just as I had got over that, caught a stomach bug. The tummy bug was the last straw for my poor body! I managed to do my London trip (which was to meet our new Director of Operations so felt that was important)and just managed to make it back to Dundee before the bug really kicked in. Since then I have been stuck in the house and feeling quite sorry for myself.

The reason I feel so sorry for myself is partly because to me food is such a central thing and so to not be able to, or want to, eat my favourite things, do some cooking and baking, and share meals properly with my husband is very upsetting. I don't see Andy enough as it is and one of the ways I like to make up for being away so much is by making him all the dinners he likes - I am sure he doesn't mind me doing that either! And chatting over dinner is one of our ways of keeping up with each others news.

My favourite things though to eat when I am poorly and that I think - rightly or wrongly - to be good for poorly folks are:

Banana sandwiches
Original Lucozade
Tea - lots of it
Ginger biscuits

Toast and honey

And, when you are feeling like you could cope with a proper meal...

Shepherd's or Cottage Pie!

Mind you, I was barely managing to eat any of these things at all. One thing I didn't reckon on as being good for you is live yoghurt - the idea of yoghurt being something you want to eat when you are not well seemed weird to me but when the cramps got really bad Andy made me phone NHS 24 and the very kind nurse suggested this. She also advised I take rehydration salts as the reason I was getting worse and not better was due to eating too little and the increasing cramp pain suggested I was pretty dehydrated. And I am usually so good at keeping my fluids up - as the child of a nurse I was mighty embarrassed!

So - live yoghurt and rehydration salts were bought and consumed and while I feel like a rung out rag and am not quite ready to trust to being more than a room away from a bathroom, I am beginning to feel more human. I am just hoping that in a few days time I can get back to what I love best - eating!!!

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